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Vct & Lvt Tile . Ceramic Tile . Commercial Carpet


VCT Removal

When contractors or flooring companies need their VCT removed, they call us. We have removed 10,000 plus square feet in hosptals, schools, and banks In Tennessee and surrounding states.

Ceramic Tile Removal

This video was was made during the Nashville International Airport remodel.  We removed 100,000 square feet of ceramic tile and 30,000 yards of peel-and-stick carpet.

Commercial Carpet Removal

The comercial carpet removal rate with this machine is crazy fast, It can actually  remove up to 250 yards an hour on the right project.

Surface Removal And Demolition 

​Not only do we have the Terminator 2000EI for our bigger projects, we also have

invested in the 3000. XME  ride on Floor scraper for smaller projects!.

They are perfect for occupied office installations (lift) when there is just enough room to

get the bigger machine inside the cubicles.

Also good for:

  1.  Carpet Removal / Demolition

  2.  VCT Tile Removal / Demolition

  3.  Ceramic Tile Removal / Demolition

  4.  Rubber Flooring Removal / Demolition

  5.  Hardwood Flooring removal / Demolition

  6.  Sports Floor Removal /Demolition

  7.  Hospital Flooring Removal / Demolition 

  8.  Zero Emmissions

  9.  Office Buildings

  10.  Schools 

  11. Lvt  Tile  Removal /Demolition


All Types of Commercial Flooring Removal, Demolition & Disposal


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