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Nashville Flooring Demolition & VCT Removal

Flooring Demolition 

​Not only do we have the Terminator 2000EI for our bigger projects, we also have invested in several 

of the National 6280-HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Panther Self-Propelled Floor Strippers.

They are perfect for occupied office installations (lift) when there is not enough room to

get the ride-on machine inside the cubicles.


Also good for:

  1.  Carpet Removal / Demolition

  2.  VCT Tile Removal / Demolition

  3.  Ceramic Tile Removal / Demolition

  4.  Rubber Flooring Removal / Demolition

  5.  Hardwood Flooring removal / Demolition

  6.  Sports Floor Removal /Demolition

  7.  Hospital Flooring Removal / Demolition 

  8.  Zero Emmissions

  9.  Office Buildings

  10.  Schools 


All Types of Commercial Flooring Removal, Demolition & Disposal

floor prep lift before.jpeg
Floor Prep 
  1. Floor prep is a must in today's commercial carpet world. Proper substrate prep can ensure there is no carpet failure!

  2. Always perform a moisture test pre-carpet selection. Just by changing the type of backing on your carpet you can save a small fortune in floor prep.

  3. It is standard practice to do a ph test. 

  4. if you have old adhesive on the floor, you want a "how to handle" letter from the carpet manufacturer  before installation begins.


floor prep lift after.jpeg


Cubicle Lift For Systems Furniture

Carpet lift is more common now than when we started 20 years ago. 


The trick today is to make sure you get a good, qualified lift installer.

I get calls weekly from some type of installer or handy man that has tried to do "lift" with a crowbar or some type of homemade  jack looking for help.

Companies spend millions of dollars on their system's furniture so please hire professionals to lift it!

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