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NLI inc. has been in the commercial flooring business for over 20 years and always strives to be the best. 

We have no problem investesting in the correct flooring removal equipment, like the Terminator (battery powered) and the other demolition machines we use. Below are videos made from three different projects completed by NLI inc.

Terminator 2000ei 

This video shows ceramic tile removal at the Nashville International Airport.
VCT Removal Surface and Demolition

The Nashville International Airport was a large project we did with a local dealer.  We removed 30,000 yards of glue-down carpet and almost 100,000 ft of ceramic tile. We also installed approximately 40 thousand yards of carpet tile.

All work started after 10:00 pm and was completed by 5:00 am. This project lasted nearly two years .

Chattanooga Airport



The 58 second video (left) is real-world demolition. We  removed 6ft rubberback carpet that had been installed for years but was stuck like it was installed yesterday. The Terminater had no trouble peeling  it right off the ground.

Nashville Flooring Demolition & VCT Removal
Rivergate Mall
(Terminator Tent)

Our concept for the Terminator Tent came to us out of necessity.  We were on a huge Mall project and were instructed by the facility manager to minimize dust as the mall was still open during the day.  Due to the size of the project, the traditional method of taping sheets of plastic to “wrap” an area was labor intensive.  We were having to wrap an entire wing of storefronts each night before we started and allow time to unwrap the area when we finished.  As you can imagine, that was more time taping plastic then removing tile.


So, with a quick trip to Sam’s Club and the arrival of a dust handler (ordered online) and about 5 hours of modifications (i.e. adding wheels and extending the canvas to reach all of the way to the ground) we had the Terminator Tent and it added 4 hours a night to our productivity.


That client now requests one on every demolition project that is in occupied space.


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