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Terminator Facts  

The Terminator T-2000EI is a highly maneuverable, battery powered (zero emissions and quiet operation) floor removal machine. It can be used in very tight areas to rip up a variety of flooring extremely quickly.

  • Extremely high removal rates

  • Removal rates of 80-90% of the majority of coverings removed on the first pass*

  • Designed to fit through any standard doorway or elevators

  • No cumbersome cord attachment

  • Zero emissions

  • Zero memory batteries only draw power when machine is moving


Nashville Flooring Demolition
VCT Removal Surface and Demolition

Ceramic Tile Removal


Removal rates of up to 200ft² per hour*


Removal of ceramic tile, terrazzo, granite, limestone, marble, natural stone etc. that has been applied with thin set mortar is achieved by using a "tile bit" in the accessory ceramic tile jaw attachment on the Terminator's jaw assembly. With ceramic tile removal rates of up to 200ft² per hour*, extra weight packages can be added for the toughest tile removal jobs, and the optional water misting attachment controls the dust created by the removal operation.




Removal rates of up to 2500ft² per hour*


The Terminator is effective with any carpet, including vinyl, action, enhancer, rubber, and unitary backed carpets. The Terminator's proprietary stationary blade assembly is forced under the mastic, peeling carpet strips from the substrate, while removing up to 75% of the mastic in the first pass. If necessary, the blade can be positioned to remove the carpet from a tile surface, leaving the tile below intact! There simply is no more effective way to remove carpet than with a Terminator.

VCT, VAT, & Sheet Vinyl Floor Removal


Removal rates as high as 20,000ft² day*


Layers of vinyl composition tile (VCT), vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), and sheet vinyl including up to 75% of the mastic, can be removed with the Terminator in the first pass. The Terminator's unique blade assembly lifts material from the substrate, proving less problematic than the hand chipping method of removal.

Hardwood Floor Removal


Removal rates of up to 1000ft² per hour*


The Terminator effectively removes laminated parquet, tiles, and planking along with conventional hardwood parquet and planking glued to concrete surfaces with traditional hardwood adhesive. The majority of the mastic is removed with the material in the first pass.

Coating Removal


The Terminator's strength and versatility is truly shown when removing elastomeric coating from parking surfaces, concrete decks, flat concrete roof decks, boat decks, neoprene coatings, rubber gym floors, and soft surface sport courts. With correct positioning of the Terminator's blade assembly, surface materials as thin as 2.5mm have been successfully removed (manufacturers specs).

Surface Removal And Demolition 

Ceramic Tile & Flooring Demolition, Stuck Carpet Removal

​Not only do we have the Terminator 2000EI for our bigger projects, we also have invested in several 

of the National 6280-HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Panther Self-Propelled Floor Strippers.

They are perfect for occupied office installations (lift) when there is not enough room to

get the ride-on machine inside the cubicles.


Also good for:

  1.  Carpet Removal / Demolition

  2.  VCT Tile Removal / Demolition

  3.  Ceramic Tile Removal / Demolition

  4.  Rubber Flooring Removal / Demolition

  5.  Hardwood Flooring removal / Demolition

  6.  Sports Floor Removal /Demolition

  7.  Hospital Flooring Removal / Demolition 

  8.  Zero Emmissions

  9.  Office Buildings

  10.  Schools 


All Types of Commercial Flooring Removal, Demolition & Disposal

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